CEO's Key Performance Indicators approved

Published: Thursday, 19 September 2019 at 5:18:24 PM

Council has approved CEO David MacLennan’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the year ahead and we have published them on our website for the community to view.

“We have decided to share David’s KPIs with our community as part of our ongoing transparency drive, so our residents and ratepayers can clearly see our focus and how we plan to measure success in our organisation over the current financial year,” said Mayor Emma Cole.

“Ongoing transparency reform has been a hallmark of Vincent Council. This was also supported very clearly by our community during our Imagine Vincent consultation, which informed our current Strategic Community Plan and David’s KPIs link very closely with this plan.”

Mr MacLennan’s KPIs also align closely with the City’s recent update to the Corporate Business Plan that is due to be released soon, and are grouped into five key areas of:

  • leadership and strategy
  • service delivery
  • organisational capability and performance
  • financial and risk management, and
  • innovation, accountability and sustainability.

There are 26 measurements which range from a focus on place management, benchmarking against other local governments, improved service delivery, community engagement and consultation processes, embedding project management, risk management improvements and establishing a new innovation program at the City.

Mr MacLennan is enthusiastic about his KPIs.

“The KPIs approved by Council provide a clear direction for the City to be a clever, creative and courageous local government. The priority will continue to be improving customer service and delivering the priorities in the updated Corporate Business Plan.

“I am committed to continuing the Team Vincent approach of close collaboration between Council, administration and our community to achieve our shared objectives.”

The full list of the CEO’s KPIs are available for public view on our website.

Key Performance Indicators


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