Celebrating character and charm in our suburbs

Published on Friday, 27 August 2021 at 9:05:58 AM

Celebrating the character and charm in our suburbs is about to get simpler with changes to the City of Vincent’s Character Areas and Heritage Areas policy.

Under the draft amended policy, which is currently open for community consultation, the process for establishing a “Character Area” will be made smoother and more efficient.

The community have been invited on the journey and will have an opportunity to provide valuable input in shaping how new development fits within their street and to celebrate and enhance the character and history of their area.

In addition to the proposed changes, five new streets within West Perth have been nominated by residents who live there as part of a Character Area.

The guidelines apply to any new developments that are visible from the street and will complement the existing Carr Street Character Area and Janet Street Heritage Area.

Mayor Emma Cole emphasised that the process continues to be resident led and initiated by community members nominating their own streets with the support of their neighbours, followed by close community consultation.

“Anyone who is passionate about preserving the character of their neighbourhood can nominate their street as a character area with the support of their neighbours,’’ she said.

“Vincent is a unique place with a rich and vibrant history and the character of our streets, including front gardens, fencing and the scale of housing, forms part of that.

“Our Character Area Policy recognises the value of our leafy, unique neighbourhoods and encourages people to both value character homes, while providing for new development that compliments the street.”

“We have worked through the process with a number of streets in Vincent now, and saw delays between the nomination from residents through to a street becoming a Character Area.

We need to ensure that the process remains resident driven and highly consultative, but make the process more responsive and timely.”

West Perth resident Marie Slythe has lived at her gorgeous character home on Carr Street for 20 years which is around the corner from her beloved childhood home on Strathcona Street.

She was a driving force behind the Carr Street Character Area and a passionate advocate for more character streets within West Perth.

Marie has nominated surrounding streets with the support of residents who live there – which will be considered by Council following community consultation.

“I just love the look and feel of our local character homes, they are so warming and welcoming and provide a sense of belonging to those who have grown up here,’’ she said.

“It’s so important we protect this slice of history and hold onto these beautiful homes for our future generations.”

Having grown up in the neighbourhood, Marie said she was determined to preserve what was left and set guidelines to ensure future development was sensitive and respectful to the character of the neighbourhood.

Streets in West Perth recommended as Character Areas include;

  • Strathcona Street – between Newcastle Street and Carr Street
  • Florence Street – between Carr Street and Vincent Street
  • Hammond Street – between Florence Street and Charles Street
  • Ivy Street; and
  • Prospect Place – The Northern side of the street

Character Area designation and the associated guidelines, are different to Heritage Area guidelines, and designed to enhance the existing development requirements when you look to build on your land.

To share your thoughts on the Draft Amended Policy, please fill out our quick online survey at Imagine Vincent.

Alternatively, you can send your feedback to us directly at mail@vincent.wa.gov.au

The City will also be holding Community Forums on 20, 21 and 22 September 2021 at Royal Park Hall (5.30pm to 6.30pm) with the nominated Character Areas to discuss the proposed guidelines and policy changes.

Feedback is invited until: 5pm Monday 27 September 2021.

The quick online survey can be found by clicking the link below


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