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Car Movement limited through North Perth Common

Published on Wednesday, 24 February 2021 at 10:11:21 AM

We're closing the Fitzgerald Street median at the intersection of View Street to prevent right-turn access into and out of North Perth Common. 

The 12-month trial is aimed at reducing the amount of traffic and the speed of cars that travel through the community space. By closing the median strip, we're hoping to make North Perth Common a safer shared environment. 

Works will be carried out during the day on Friday to minimise disruptions to traffic.

The City will seek feedback from residents and local businesses throughout the trial.

“We need to take steps to make North Perth Common more pedestrian friendly if we want to achieve a true meeting place in the heart of North Perth,” said Mayor Emma Cole.

“The Common is regularly closed to cars for community events, but we think the trial will encourage more people to use the area on a daily basis and make the most of the space.

“Since the opening of the Common, we’ve received feedback from community members that the traffic volume and speed is inappropriate for a shared space.

“This trial is really strongly supported by our local town team North Perth Local. It’s a low-cost change that I’m sure will have an immediate and positive impact on the area.”

There were 14 reported traffic crashes at the intersection of View and Fitzgerald streets between January 2015 and December 2019.

Half of the crashes would not have occurred if the median strip was closed.

The closure of the median strip is also expected to significantly reduce crashes in the wider area surrounding the Common.

Modelling by independent traffic consultants found the impacts of redistributed traffic from the closing of the median strip would be acceptable.

The Common includes seating, trees, grass and landscaping, power access, bollards for road closures and new permanent art easels all under the iconic circular rings that form the centerpiece of the community space.

The City is investigating other possible staged changes to the Common that will help improve the space and make North Perth an even more vibrant place to visit.

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