Calling the community to Design Leederville

Published: Tuesday, 8 October 2019 at 2:36:12 PM

The City is asking the community to help design a vision for Leederville. Anyone with an idea is welcomed to share their thoughts online or at a gallery of ideas session on 20 and 26 October.

The purpose of the consultation is to gather community feedback to help shape the Leederville Activity Centre Plan and Leederville Town Centre Place Plan.

“Leederville is Vincent’s one and only regional centre and it is critical that we have a clear vision for the future, developed in consultation with our community,” said Mayor Emma Cole.

“There is a strong interest in development in Leederville, with the current ABN headquarters being a perfect example. We want to ensure we have a cohesive approach to how Leederville can grow in the coming years. We know the unique character and main street feel is important and we want Leederville to be a place for our whole community to enjoy and for our local businesses to thrive.”

The Leederville Activity Centre Plan guides planning and development within the Leederville Town Centre. It aligns with the Leederville Place Plan, which sets out the funding and resources the City has planned to support the Leederville Town Centre.

“The online consultation and gallery of ideas sessions are to gather thoughts from our community to help us create design concepts and let people vote on their favourite ideas. We will take the ideas supported by our community and develop a vision for Leederville for further feedback,” she said.

The online design forum is available at to brainstorm initial ideas. The gallery of ideas sessions allow people to add their own thoughts and vote on their favourite concepts. People can also dig a little further during the gallery sessions with the opportunity to join informal workshops to meet the project team and have more in depth discussion.

The gallery events will start during Leederville Connect’s Eaterville event on 20 October:

  • Sunday 20 October, 1 - 5pm at Leederville Village Square
  • Saturday 26 October, 9am - 12pm at Oxford Street Reserve

“This is a real opportunity to help shape the future of Leederville and be a part of its history. We welcome input from all members of our community and those who love Leederville. This is an open thinking exercise and no idea is too big or too small,” said Mayor Cole.

To help shape the future of Leederville, check out the online design forum on Imagine Vincent and make sure to come along to one of our gallery of ideas.

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