Built Form Policy | Amendment 2

Published: Tuesday, 5 November 2019 at 3:22:49 PM

The City of Vincent is asking for feedback on a proposed amendment to it’s Built Form Policy to improve development outcomes across the City and better align with the new State Planning Framework.

The City's Built Form Policy was created in 2016 to guide developers, planners and decision makers. It aims to ensure that all new development fits in the local neighbourhood and responds to Vincent’s local identity.

“The Policy has been in place since December 2016 and we’ve had a good chance to use and test it. It’s a good time to reflect our learnings from the past three years, ensure the policy responds to local issues and align it to the new State Planning Policy, Design WA, released earlier this year,” said Mayor Emma Cole.

“Vincent has strived to be a leader in local planning policy, particularly in regards to landscaping and the retention of green space. The proposed changes will continue this theme with our tree canopy and landscaping requirements above the minimum set by Design WA.”

The proposed changes focus on landscaping, setbacks, building design and environmentally sustainable design.

Some of the changes include:

  • For landscaping, modifying the definition of ‘deep soil area,’ introducing a definition for ‘planting area’ and adding incentives to retain existing trees.
  • Creating a setback table where setback distances vary depending on the property coding and neighbouring properties, so that developments have suitable setbacks where they share a boundary.
  • Ensuring new residential developments respect the local area with requirement for an Urban Design Study to show how the proposed development will fit into the context of the neighbourhood.
  • In addition to supplying an environmentally sustainable report under the current policy, multiple dwellings, mixed use and commercial developments are to be built in accordance with the recommendations of that environmentally sustainable report.

Information sheets on the proposed changes are available on imagine.vincent.wa.gov.au and comments can be lodged online, in writing or in person before 22 November. The City is also offering face to face sessions to discuss these proposed changes in more detail.

For more information, visit Imagine Vincent or contact us via 9273 6000 or mail@vincent.wa.gov.au

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