$1 first hour parking trial to start in September

Published on Thursday, 25 August 2022 at 3:05:00 PM

The City of Vincent is trialling $1 for the first hour in its paid parking car parks from 1 September.

The $1 nominal fee for the first hour of parking in City car parks forms part of the 2022-23 City of Vincent Budget in an effort to diversify revenue, with first hour free having a value of $2 million per annum to the City of Vincent.

At just $1, it is good value for the first hour of parking compared to our neighbouring local governments.

It strikes a balance between removal of first hour free, which community consultation demonstrated was not supported, whilst introducing a nominal fee to assist the City in meeting increasing cost pressures. The first hour free required a ticket to be issued, so the change does not add additional burden to the convenience of parking. 

The change aims to help Vincent smooth peak demand in our carparks, share the responsibility for revenue with non-Vincent residents who also use the carparks, and keep our parking rates attractive and competitive whilst also encouraging alternative transport options.

Spendmapp data has indicated that 83.3 per cent of consumers in Leederville are non-Vincent residents.

The City’s major car parks, including The Avenue, Brisbane Street, Chelmsford Road, Frame Court, Raglan Road, Rosemount Hotel, View Street and Wasley Street car parks will be part of the change.

Mayor Emma Cole said the move to $1 for the first hour would be monitored closely for seven months to see how the carparks and the people using the carparks adapted to the change. At the end of this period, Council will consider whether there have been unintended impacts on car parking occupancy and local businesses.

“Vincent has had one hour free parking in our car parks for 11 years, with many car parks in high demand, especially our Leederville car parks during peak periods,” she said.

“At just $1, it remains the best value first hour of parking compared to our neighbours.

“This is a change helps spread the increasing costs of providing services between ratepayers and visitors.

“We encourage people to jump on the EasyPark app if they haven’t already, as it is such an easy and more cost effective way to keep track of their parking and avoids the ticket machines altogether.”

Seniors and pram only parking bays will also be implemented in the car parks.

The City will monitor the impact to the number of transactions and revenue following the change to see if there is any detrimental impact on occupancy or use in the car parks.

A report will be provided to Council by April 2023 before fees and charges are set for the Budget 2023-24.

The City will also monitor and review the usage of time limited 15 minute and 30 minute only on street bays in town centres following the introduction of $1 for the first hour in car parks to ensure there is adequate short term visitor parking available.

For information, contact the City on 9273 6000 or email mail@vincent.wa.gov.au.




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