209-217 Beaufort Street

Nature of Development

Demolition of Existing Buildings and Construction of Five Storey Mixed Use Development Consisting of Three (3) Offices, Twenty Four (24) Multiple Dwellings, Eighteen (18) Single Bedroom Multiple Dwellings and Associated Carparking
Address: Nos: 209, 213, 217 Beaufort Street, Perth, WA, 6000
Serial Number: 5.2012.335.1
Date Received: 01/08/2012
Date Advertised: 18/09/2012
DAP Agenda: planning.wa.gov.au/Metro-West-JDAP.asp
DAP Minute: planning.wa.gov.au/Metro-West-JDAP.asp
DAP Determination:
Deferred at DAP on 30 October 2012 Approved at DAP on 14 December 2012