Claisebrook Precinct Structure Plan


The purpose of the Structure Plan is to provide an overarching document that provides the conceptual and strategic direction for the future development of the Claisebrook Precinct. The Claisebrook Road North area is defined as being within the boundaries of Lord Street to the west, Railway Reserve to the east, Summers Street to the north and the Graham Farmer Freeway to the south.

On 14 April 2012, the business and landowners within a large proximity to the area were invited to a community visioning workshop. The objective of this workshop was to ascertain the local community’s views and aspiration for the strategic direction of the area, particularly as this area was ceded from the City of Perth to the City of Vincent following the City of Vincent’s Vincent Vision 2024 community visioning process. The workshop presentation and briefing paper have been attached below to provide the public with a greater understanding of the subject area, issues and opportunities.

By undertaking extensive community engagement with stakeholders from the local community, this will ensure that best practice planning principles in line with community expectations are in place, that when implemented, will significantly improve the form and function of the Claisebrook precinct. The City’s Officers aim to work alongside community members in creating a Structure plan, however the Department of Planning have advised that the structure planning for this area will not commence until such time that the City of Vincent Town Planning Scheme No. 2 is gazetted. Should you have any comments in the interim to make on the area, please complete the comment sheet located at the following link Comment Sheet.

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