Did you know that almost 45% of an average household bin is food and garden waste?

If this ends up in landfill it produces methane gas, which contributes to unwanted climate change. Composting is nature’s circular economy, where food waste is reused and its nutrients recycled into fertiliser. By returning these back to the soil, rather than letting organic waste rot away in landfills, we can feed diverse life in the soil. The bacteria, fungi, insects and worms in compost support healthy plant growth, which will help offset greenhouse gas emissions.

Subsidised composting and worm farming equipment

We have a range of highly subsidised composting and worm farming equipment available for Vincent residents to purchase.

You can order and pay for your composting equipment over the phone and we will deliver it to your home via a scheduled fortnightly delivery run. If you prefer to pay for your equipment in person, the City's cashier will take payments at our Administration Centre (244 Vincent Street Leederville).

If you prefer to collect your equipment from our Administration Centre rather than having it delivered, please let us know a few days in advance to ensure we have it ready for your collection.

All equipment is highly subsidised and includes the following items:

Equipment Typical retail cost Subsidised cost to Vincent residents
220L compost bin and aerator $73 $30
Bokashi bucket (complete kit to get started, comes with Bokashi mix, bucket and more) $59 $25
Worm farm (complete kit comes with tiered worm farm, bedding material and 1kg worms) $215 $120

In-ground worm farm

$29 $15

'How-to' fact sheets

To help you make the right recycling choices and to help with your worm farming and composting activities, we've created a suite of user friendly fact sheets. You can pick these up from us in person, or access printable versions below:


Using Bokashi

Worm farming

In-ground worm farming

Free Composting and Worm Farming Workshops

The City of Vincent holds free composting workshops for residents throughout the year, covering everything you need to know about composting, Bokashi Bins and worm farming.

Please check the City of Vincent events page here and follow the City of Vincent Facebook page to find the next workshop.

To register your interest in purchasing equipment or attending/hosting a workshop, please take a moment to fill out our quick survey and registration form below. Our officers will contact you with workshop dates and can also help you decide which type of composting equipment will best suit your household.

Alternatively, you can contact our officers directly by calling 9273 6543 or by emailing

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