Heading into Leederville to have a meal or see a movie? Great! As our biggest and busiest Town Centre, parking in and around Leedy can sometimes be tricky. Leederville parking varies in session time and hourly fees - check out the map below to find out where you can park and for how long. Highlighted are spots that offer 1 hour free and areas where you can park for longer than 2 hours.

Did you know that you can park at the Loftus Centre car park for 3 hours free, 8am-8pm everyday? Why not park for free and take the short 5 minute walk into the Leederville Town Centre?

The ticket machines in the Loftus Centre car park have recently been upgraded to 'Registration plate machines'.  It is important to note that the car park will still remain free, for the period of three (3) hours with the requirement to still display a ticket inside the vehicle on the dashboard. The change to the ticket machines, is that they will require you to now enter your vehicle registration into the machine, which will allow you to be able to obtain the free three hour ticket.

Below is a visual description of what is required to obtain the free ticket.

Loftus How to use plate machines

The ticket machines also have the ability to be utilised through the EasyPark app. The benefit of using the EasyPark app, is that you only need to enter your vehicle registration in at the time you create your account, and the app will store that information for you. Then when you are required to use the app for parking, you can do so without having to go to the ticket machine.

You can find out more information or create your account at EasyPark. When you have created your account, the area code for the Loftus Centre Car Park is 30305.

The benefit of the City upgrading the ticket machines to ‘Registration Plate’ machines, is that it will hopefully generate a higher turnover of parking spaces therefore providing patrons with adequate parking spaces being made available.

'image description'

How to use Pay by Plate Machines

A number of our parking machines use Pay by Plate technology. To use a Pay by Plate ticket machine, you will need to enter your vehicle registration number before purchasing a ticket. This is required even if you are getting a free one hour ticket. Most Vincent Pay by Plate parking machines have the option of selecting a free 1 hour ticket, or paying by coin or card for longer than an hour.

See below for detailed instructions on how to use our Pay by Plate parking machines.


EasyPark is now available for use with all City-operated parking machines. The convenient app can be used to pay and control your parking session from your phone with EasyPark.

EasyPark saves you time and money, with no need to use parking machines and you only pay for the time used.

How it works

  • Download the free app, which can be found on your smartphone's app store or on the EasyPark website
  • Once you have registered, all you need to do is set an initial parking time, enter your vehicle registration number and the car park reference code (found on the ticket machines)
  • Even though you won't be displaying a ticket, our rangers will check your number plate against the EasyPark database to confirm whether you have an active parking session
  • If you want to park for longer than the initial time set, you can simply extend your session from your phone without the need to return to a parking machine. To make sure you don't exceed this time, you have the option to receive an SMS reminder before your session expires.
  • If you do not have a smartphone, you can still use EasyPark by registering on the EasyPark website or by calling the EasyPark customer service team on 1300 734 070

For more information head to the EasyPark website here or call the EasyPark customer service team on 1300 734 070.

Public Transport

Don't forget that driving isn't your only option to visit Leederville. Leedy is well connected to public transport and is often faster and cheaper to use.

Leederville by Train

The Leederville Train Station (on the Joondalup Line) stops right on Oxford Street in the heart of Leederville.

Leederville by Bus

Bus route 15 stops on the corner of Oxford Street and Vincent Street, and runs from Glendalough Station to the Perth Busport, via Mount Hawthorn and Leederville.

You can also catch the green CAT bus (for free!), which runs from Elizabeth Quay Bus Station to Leederville.