Public Open Space Zoning

The careful management of Public Open Space (POS) within the City is one giant and essential step towards achieving the reduction and efficient conservation of ground water whilst still providing high quality facilities to the local and wider community.

What is zoning?

Zoning is the categorization of POS depending on the use of the facility within the City. The City has categorized all of the POS into five zones, relating to the POS criteria.

This initiative assists the City to efficiently use groundwater to remain under the annual allocation set by the Department of Water.

The annual allocation of water has been calculated by the total of POS within the City by the usage rate of 7,500kl/ha/yr. This means that for every hectare of POS in the City, a water allocation of 7,500kl has been allowed per year.

This is the rate that industry has agreed upon to support healthy turf growth and allow for efficient management.


The City acknowledges that all POS require different volumes of water to support the diverse uses and varying levels of traffic.

By zoning all POS within the City we are able to efficiently manage all parks and keep POS to the highest standard possible with the lowest requirement of water.

ZoneUsage of ReserveVolume of Water Allocated
Zone 1 1st Grade and club sporting grounds 10,000 kl/ha/yr
Zone 2 Lower grade sporting grounds of high use areas 7,500 kl/ha/yr
Zone 3 Low use and low profile parks 6,000 kl/ha/yr
Zone 4 Low use and low profile areas including verges and passive areas 5,000 kl/ha/yr
Zone 5 Dry POS, bush, dry parks, dry verges kl/ha/yr

Zoning was implemented in 2009 and all POS within the City now operate under the respective zone.

Water Conservation Plan

In 2008, the City put together a Water Conservation Plan. Several strategies were identified in this plan to enhance the conservation efforts of ground water.

To find out about other water saving initiatives feel free to navigate to the following pages through the links provided. Some of these strategies were also outlined in the Water Conservation Plan.

Sewer Mining

If you require any further information about water conservation within the City please contact the City’s Project Officer – Parks & Environment, Sarah Hill, on 9273 6000 or by email at