Past green initiatives

Cash for Cans - Primary School Winners Announced!

If you wish to sign the petition to implement container deposit legislation and help us make Cash for Cans a reality we urge you to support CDL by visiting – then click ‘support’ and sign the online petition.

Reverse Vending Machine

Reverse Vending Machines (RVM's) Hit The City! On Saturday 17th November 2012, at the annual Beaufort Street Festival, Western Australia saw the very first operational Reverse Vending Machine in action.

Sewer Mining

Sewer mining is a process that is being more widely utilized internationally for the capture, treatment and reuse of the waste water component in active sewerage systems.

The Restoration of Walter's Brook

In May 2014 the project was finally completed, with The City holding a Community Planting Day where over 800 native plants were planted.

Turtle Study at Hyde Park

You may see some people conducting testing or wading in the lakes at Hyde Park over the next six months or so, so we wanted to let you know what they’re doing and why.