Bike Network Plan

City of Vincent Bike Network Plan

The Vincent Bike Network Plan was approved by Council at the October 15 2013 Special Meeting (for access to the Minutes of the meeting and decisions taken, click here). The Plan contains a proposal for a maintenance plan for cycle facilities in the City as well as a schedule of works to be addressed. The Plan also outlines strategic recommendations for the City to pursue. Some of these projects are broad and ambitious and aim to greatly improve connectivity between City centres as well as provide safer direct cycle routes.

Amongst the decisions taken at the Special Meeting of Council, it was decided that a detailed Stage Plan of bike lanes and infrastructure with costings  be developed for Vincent Street, between Oxford Street and Lord Street, as a submission for the 2014-15 Perth Bike Network Grants funding round. The City will work with the Perth Bike Network Grants section of the Department of Transport and Main Roads to see these projects come to fruition.

  • The full plan can be viewed here.
  • To read more about the specific roads affected and the consultation process which occurred in 2014, see the links at the bottom of this page. 

What is a Bike Network Plan?

A Bike Network Plan assesses existing infrastructure and looks at innovative ways of improving and expanding on existing infrastructure. It is vital that the Plan improves the safety and connectivity of cycling within Vincent, whilst also providing an opportunity to improve facilities for other modes of active transport and promotes the health and environmental benefits associated with these sustainable modes.

More than just an update of the City’s current plan, the City’s new Plan will guide some very positive short and medium term improvements in the City, as well as highlight some longer term aims.

Background to the Vincent Bike Network Plan

The City of Vincent contracted AURECON Transport Engineers and Planners to develop the City of Vincent Bike Network Plan 2013, in 2012. The Plan sets out an action plan for attaining immediate improvements to the cycle network and environment, as well as a strategic vision for the continued development and promotion of cycling for the short to medium term.

The main objectives of the plan include;

  • Evaluating cycling and its associated infrastructure in the study area, along with the existing Bike Plan;
  • Consulting with key stakeholders (local Government, State Government and Local Community) regarding the future of cycling within the City of Vincent;
  • Planning the expansion of the bicycle network;
  • Encouraging and promoting cycling;
  • Developing a prioritised schedule of works; and
  • Developing a maintenance schedule for the protection of new and existing assets.

Aurecon conducted an extensive CERS (Cycling Environment Review System) audit of the City’s bike networks and routes beginning in September 2012. An initial Pilot Route audit was conducted in conjunction with the City’s TravelSmart Officer to better understand the categories to be applied and how results would be determined.

Aurecon collected and interpreted this data, combining it with extensive information collected from the Technical Officers’ and Community workshops and online surveys held between December 2012 through to February 2013.

The Draft Plan was then presented at two Integrated Transport Advisory Group Meetings and a Council Forum for discussion, prior to being approved at the Special Meeting of Council on October 15, 2013. 

Implementation of Bike Network Plan Strategic Recommendations

There were three strategic recommendations coming out of the Vincent BNP, which have been structured into PHASE One and Two:  

Phase One:     

Vincent and Bulwer Streets - comprises a combination of off-road and on-road paths along Vincent Street (between Oxford and Bulwer Streets) and Bulwer Street (between Vincent and Palmerston Streets). The City consulted the community on Phase One between 28 April - 23 June and this was reported back to Council on 24 June and then approved to progress on 22 July (read more details below);

Phase Two:     

Oxford Street - on-road bike lanes between Vincent Street and Anzac Road as well as on-road signage and symbols on Anzac Road to Scarborough Beach Road. The City consulted the community on these works 9 - 23 June, 2014 and they were approved to progress at the Ordinary meeting of Council 22 July (read more details below); and                           

Scarborough Beach Road - separated bike lanes between Fairfield and Charles Street. The City consulted the community on these works 9 - 23 June, 2014 and they were approved to progress at the Ordinary meeting of Council 8 July 2014 (read more details below).

In addition to the Specific Feedback sought on the Phase One and Two works, General Feedback was also invited between 28 April - 23 June, 2014, via a brochure delivered to every residence in Vincent. The feedback received has been very positive and, in many cases, very constructive. The City has now been given the Council's green light to progress all works and the City will begin works immediately.


If you should have any questions, please contact our TravelSmart Officer via or 9273 6558.

Bike Network Plan > Oxford St Bike Lanes

The Oxford Street Bike Lanes were approved at the 22 July Council meeting...

Bike Network Plan > Scarborough Beach Road section approved

On Tuesday 8 July 2014, Council gave the green light to the Scarborough Beach Road section of the Vincent Bike Network Plan...

Bulwer Street Phase Two bike lanes

Council has approved the second phase of the Bulwer Street bike lanes...

Phase one of Bike Network Plan > approved in principle

On Tuesday 22 July 2014, Council approved the installation of new bike lanes along Vincent and Bulwer Streets, reflecting the very positive community feedback received...

Vincent's $2.5m Bike Network Plan > Highest spend by a WA Council

Vincent’s Bike Network Plan will spend an unprecedented $2.5 million delivering 10kms of cycling paths and infrastructure, which will make it one of Australia's most bike-friendly councils...