Adopt a Tree Program

There are approximately 11,000 street trees in the City of Vincent and this number is increasing every year. Street trees provide significant environmental, economic and aesthetic benefits for your street and the wider community, creating an overall more livable neighborhood.

What's happening?

The City of Vincent is calling on residents, businesses and community groups to work in partnership to assist in the establishment of newly planted trees and to care for existing trees within our streetscapes - join the 'Adopt A Verge' program!

Keeping our streets and verges green and healthy fosters biodiversity within our community and helps to establish biodiversity corridors and greenways - this is all part of the City's extensive Greening Plan.

Anyone in the Vincent community can register as a tree adopter. Adopters can care for a street tree(s), or an entire streetscape in the following ways:

  • Watering the tree;
  • Removing weeds and litter from the base of the tree; and
  • Observing and reporting any issues.

The City can support adopters by providing advice, resources and physical assistance when necessary.

Each adopted tree will be identified and registered. Following registration, you will receive a registration pack containing information on your tree and how to care for it, a bucket for watering, gloves and a trowel for weeding.

The City's horticulturalist will contact you in due course and arrange a site visit to inspect your tree and provide advice on what general maintenance works and watering requirements are necessary to give your tree(s) the best chance of survival.

In future, annual tree workshops will be held at the City's Administration and Civic Centre to provide more advice on specialised techniques and practices for tree adopters wishing to progress to a more advanced level of care.


Can I adopt more than one tree?

Yes. Residents may adopt one or more trees, even an entire streetscape! 

What is the best way to water my tree?

Newly planted or juvenile trees should be watered weekly during the dry months. Two or more buckets of water should be applied to the base of your tree, within the tree well. For large established trees the best place to water is on the drip line which is the area at the base of the tree in line with the edge of the canopy.

More detailed advice on how best to water your particular tree will be provided following registration.

Can I use grey water to water my tree?

Using grey water from baths, showers and washing machines (using biodegradable detergents) is a great way to water your tree and be water wise at the same time.

Can I loosen the dirt around the base of my tree so that the water penetrates better?

Gently loosening the dirt around the base of your tree is a great way to ensure the water penetrates deep into the ground. In the case of juvenile trees, occasional maintenance of the well surrounding your tree may be required to ensure deep watering.

Should I prune my tree?

The general pruning of street and verge tress is completed on a systematic basis as required by qualified council staff and personnel trained in horticulture. Pruning helps to maintain the health of your tree and/or remove hazards whilst taking into consideration the natural growth and formation of your tree.

If you think that your tree requires pruning please contact our Parks Services team on 9273 6000 or

Who do I call if I notice changes in my tree?

If you have any concerns or queries relating to your adopted tree please contact our Parks Services team on 9273 6000 or

How do I apply?

Simply download the Adopt a Tree Application Form here, fill out the required fields and return the completed application form to the City either by email at, post to PO Box 82, Leederville 6902 or by dropping it into the Administration & Civic Centre at 244 Vincent Street, Leederville 6007.

Important documents and policies 

Further information on the importance of street trees and verges can be viewed here - there's a handy brochure at the top of the page. 

Need more information?

For any further queries please contact the City's Project Officer - Parks & Environment, Sarah Hill, by email at or by phone on 9273 6000.