Collaborative Grants - Guidelines and Criteria

In order to be eligible for funding, your organisation must: 

  • Be a legal entity in Australia (incorporated association) or be auspiced by an appropriate organisation
  • Fall in to one or more of the following categories:
    • A not-for-profit community organisation
    • A registered charity with the Australian Taxation Office
    • A deductible gift recipient
    • A social enterprise
  • Have the ability to demonstrate satisfactory risk management
  • Hold a Public Liability Insurance to the value of $10 million
  • Have the competency and capacity to implement, deliver and evaluate the project and demonstrate this to the City’s satisfaction

What will be considered for funding:

  • A collective group of organisations working in partnership to address the key issues associated with the focus area, in the City of Vincent. Collaborative projects must have a lead agency or a single organisation aiming to develop meaningful partnerships with other organisations and stakeholders within the City through the project.
  • Operational salaries (salaries tied to a project will be considered, no more than 75% of the funding may be allocated to salary expenses)
  • Projects that can commence and will be in full operation by 30 June of the financial year
  • Projects that demonstrate how the organisation/s or project/s are able to become more sustainable and less reliant on government support to prosper will be favourably regarded
  • Applications that contain capital expenditure items must be able to demonstrate that this will allow further or new service provision and support
  • Only projects with measurable outcomes will be considered. Applications need to outline how outcomes will be measured
  • The grants round is a competitive application process, which means your application may not be successful if your submission is not adequately justified
  • The City must be satisfied that the lead organisation has the competency and capacity to implement the project 

The following will not be considered for funding:

  • Groups and organisations that operate with the aim of making a profit
  • Groups and organisations who have failed to acquit grants awarded to them in any capacity
  • Capital expenditure that does not demonstrate further service provision and/or support
  • Debt reduction or operational deficits
  • Operational salaries (however salaries tied to a program or project will be considered)
  • Religious organisations where the grant is intended for the principal benefit of the organisation’s own members or adherents, or where the grant is intended for inherently religious activities
  • Legal expenses
  • Travel outside Australia
  • General fundraising appeals
  • Retrospective funding

Key Dates

This grant is currently closed.


Financial acquittal and evaluation report will be due within 8 weeks of the project completion.

Please be aware that your organisation will not be eligible for any further funding from the City of Vincent unless an acquittal has been received.

Alternative Formats

The application form can be made available in alternative formats for people with specific requirements. If you would like the application in any of these formats, please call the City’s Community Development Team on 9273 6000 or