Community Funding & Grants

The City of Vincent recognises community funding provides a significant opportunity to work collaboratively with the local groups, organisations and individuals to deliver activities which increase social participation, promote social inclusion and strengthen connections within our community.  A variety of funding initiatives are offered each year to meet the diverse range of interests, demands and priorities throughout the Vincent community.

List of grants

Seeding Grants

Seeding Grants aim to support City of Vincent based groups, organisations and individuals seeking to implement a new, innovative project that will benefit the local community. Cultural Kickstart Grants are available for new projects related to cultural development, artistic development, community art projects or events. Community Innovation Grants are available for new projects related to community development, education or recreation.

Community Support Grants

Community Support Grants aim to support City of Vincent based groups, organisations and individuals to deliver programs and services that address key social issues impacting the local community. Grants are available for programs and services that will build a strong and resilient community. They also support initiatives that will make your community organisation sustainable for the future.

Youth Development Grants

Youth Development Grants aim to support young people within the City of Vincent who are dedicated to addressing key social, economic and environmental issues within the local community. Focus areas include community and social entrepreneurship, environment and sustainability, arts and creative expression, and leadership and personal development.

Female Sports Participation Grants

Female Sports Participation Grants aim to assist clubs to establish activities, programs or projects that promote and encourage equal participation of women and girls in sports.

Collaborative Grants

Collaborative Grants aim to establish partnerships between the City of Vincent and service delivery agencies that reside and/or operate within our local community. Through these partnerships, the City wants to respond to a specific community focus area that was determined by Council. Council reviews this focus area every year to ensure it aligns with our Council priorities and community demands.   

Festival and Event Sponsorship

Festival and Event Sponsorship aims to support City of Vincent based groups and organisations to deliver festivals, events and other similar activities which contribute to community vibrancy. Sponsorship will be provided through direct funding and/or in-kind services with the level of support determined by the value to the Vincent community in terms of economic, cultural and social outcomes. Through a formal sponsorship agreement, applicants are required to acknowledge support from the City of Vincent.

Town Team Grants

Town Team Grants aim to support the five recognised Town Teams within the City of Vincent (Beaufort Street Network, Leederville Connect, Mt Hawthorn Hub, North Perth Local and OnWilliam) to deliver initiatives that improve the performance of town centres and/or assistance with their ongoing governance and sustainability.

Environmental Grants

The Environmental Grants program is designed to assist and encourage schools and community groups in carrying out environmental projects and initiatives within the City of Vincent.

Heritage Grants & Incentives

The Heritage Assistance Fund provides financial assistance to persons who wish to undertake approved heritage conservation projects on places listed on the City of Vincent Municipal Heritage Inventory.

Heritage Plaques Program

The Heritage Plaques Program provides financial assistance to persons who wish to install a plaque or alternative form of interpretation to recognise and celebrate places of heritage interest in the City of Vincent that are either in situ or have been demolished.

Active Transport Grants

Active Transport Grants provide financial assistance to schools, community groups and not-for-profit organisations within the City of Vincent to help fund programs that promote or assist the community to engage in active transport.

Transport Assistance 

Transport Assistance is provided to eligible residents living in the City of Vincent to get to their medical appointment and back home with a prepaid taxi voucher. 

Special Assistance Welfare

Special Assistance Welfare is provided by the City of Vincent to undertake repairs on a property and/or remove items to prevent the serving of a notice under Section 135 of the Health Act 1911 “Unfit for Human Habitation” or Schedule 3.1 of the Local Government Act 1995.


Not-for-profit organisations and charities that are located within the City of Vincent or service the local community can receive a general donation for projects that benefit our community or address a community need.

Waiving of Fees

The waiving or reduction of fees for community groups, organisations and individuals will be considered where such assistance supports the delivery of projects, programs, services or fundraising initiatives. The applicant must identify the specific community benefits associated with their activity and demonstrate their limited financial capacity to pay relevant fees.

Emergency Relief Donations

Emergency Relief Donations may be available to residents who are considered vulnerable due to experiencing hardship, or being at risk of hardship during a declared State of Emergency. The donation shall be in the form of the purchase of essential goods and/or services for the affected resident. 

As there is no current State of Emergency declared, this grant is currently not available.

Student Citizenship Awards

Student Citizenship Awards support annual school awards and acknowledge the contributions made by our youth to the City of Vincent. Student Citizenship Awards will be presented annually to up to three (3) students (where there are three classes) in the final years of Primary School, Junior High School (Year 10) and Senior High School (Year 12) attending schools located in the City of Vincent.

Trees of Significance Assistance Fund

Owners of trees listed on the Trees of Significance Inventory may be eligible for financial assistance for work associated with the listed tree through the City’s Trees of Significance Incentive Fund. Applicants should also refer to Council Policy 7.6.3 Trees of Significance.

Previously Funded Projects

You can view the projects that have previously been funded by the City on the Community Funding Grant Register here.