Opportunity to create a green town square on Beaufort Street

Published on Monday, 22 February 2021 at 3:06:06 PM

The City of Vincent is calling on community members and business owners to help decide on the future of the Barlee Street Car Park in Mount Lawley.

A land swap deal could see part of the car park on the corner of Beaufort and Barlee streets converted into a large and green town square or park.

The City is also considering selling its piece of land at the site to upgrade or fund another park, or maintaining the status quo by keeping the Barlee Street Car Park operating.

“This is a really exciting opportunity for Beaufort Street,” said Mayor Emma Cole

“Each option for the Barlee Street Car Park has its advantages and I’m looking forward to exploring these options with community members, business owners and visitors.

“A large and leafy town square in the heart of Mount Lawley would support the recovery of Beaufort Street while helping to address a shortfall in green space near the entertainment strip.

“The sale of the land would give us about $1 million to put towards another new park or the upgrade of an existing space in Vincent.

“Two thirds of the car park are privately owned, and if we kept our piece of land we could keep the car park operating for as long as we have a lease over these neighbouring properties.”

The Barlee Street Car Park is currently underused, with a large portion of running costs being met by Vincent ratepayers.

During the 2019-20 financial year – when parking income was affected by COVID-19 restrictions – it cost the City more than $104,000 to run the car park.

The cost of running the car park during the previous two financial years was more than $80,000 a year. This is after ticket sales.

On Wednesday evenings, the busiest time of a typically quieter day of the week, only 25% of the bays are being used.

Even at peak times on Saturday afternoons and evenings, less than 60% of bays are filled.

The City also runs car parks that service Beaufort Street on Chelmsford and Ragland roads.

At peak times, 74% of bays in the Chelmsford Road Car Park and 55% of bays in the Ragland Road Car Park are being used.

The City-owned piece of land at the Barlee Street Car Park site is the farthest from the corner of Beaufort and Barlee streets, but a land swap with neighbours could see a sizeable 700m2 town square or park created on the corner.

If the decision was made to keep operating the car park, a new lease would have to be negotiated with the neighbouring property owners. This would depend on any development plans they may have for the site.

Local business owners will be consulted about the future of the car park in coming weeks.

The City is also installing signs at the site and flyers will be distributed to nearby residents and business owners inviting them to have they say.

To find out more and share your thoughts, visit Imagine Vincent.

Feedback is invited until 5pm Friday, 19 March 2021.

Imagine Vincent

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