New lights installed at Forrest Park Croquet Club

Published on Friday, 2 September 2022 at 1:40:00 PM

Croquet players can now play higher quality games at night under improved lights at Forrest Park in Mt Lawley.

The City of Vincent and the Forrest Park Croquet Club received a grant under State Government's Community Sporting and Recreation Facilities Fund to improve the lighting.

New LED directional lights have been installed to replace the existing old metal halide lights.

The LEDs are much more energy efficient, better for the environment, less maintenance and have outputs between 200-300 LUX.

Mayor Emma Cole said the new lights benefited club members who played night games.

“The new lights will give local croquet players more time on the court with games continuing well into the evening,” she said.

“They are much brighter and more energy efficient compared to the old lights, so this is a great sustainability measure and will save the Club in energy costs.

“The new lights are also accurately centred on the pitch, with less light spill to the wider area.

“With the potential for longer and after work playing hours, we hope that the new lights will attract more members to this fantastic local club and sport for all ages.”

Forrest Park Croquet Club currently has 65 members and holds competitive and social events.

Club president John Gartner said the new lights enabled members to play more often at night and the club to host more night competitions and attract more use.

“The new lights are more energy efficient, using about 50 per cent of the electrical power of the existing lights,” he said.

“This will assist the club by slightly lowering its operating costs, though that might be offset by more use of the courts.”

Mr Gartner said the new lights allowed members to see the croquet balls better at night which would lead to a higher standard of play.

He said it was hard to differentiate light coloured balls under the old lights.

“The black ball can become lost against the black surround of the courts,” he said.

“The higher lighting levels should overcome those issues.”

Forrest Park Croquet Club is running Beginners courses in Golf Croquet starting early October. Applications will open at the end of September. Visit the club's website here.

For information, contact the City on 9273 6000 or

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