Draft Sustainable Environment Strategy open for comment

Published: Monday, 10 June 2019 at 12:00:12 PM

At May’s Council Meeting, Vincent Councillors unanimously endorsed a draft Sustainable Environment Strategy for community consultation. 

“The draft Sustainable Environment Strategy is filled with comprehensive, positive actions for delivering a sustainable natural and built environment for the Vincent community. It will guide us for the next five years as we make critical decisions about energy and water use, waste, transport, emissions reduction and greening,” said Mayor Emma Cole.

“We know that the impacts of climate change are a major concern for our community and we want to lead by example on this front too. Whilst we are a small inner city Council, we believe that local action is an important part of the solution. That’s why we will strive for an ambitious target of zero net greenhouse gas emissions from energy use, transport and waste by 2030.”

The Sustainable Environment Strategy is divided into five key focus areas of Energy, Transport, Water, Waste and Urban Greening & Biodiversity. Under each area is a set of outcomes the City hopes to achieve and strategies to help the City meet these outcomes.

“Since the adoption of our first Sustainable Environment Strategy in 2011, Vincent has made really strong steps in the right direction. We have reduced the amount of energy we use from fossil fuels. We were one of the first two Waterwise Councils to be awarded platinum status by Water Corporation for sustainable water management. We increased our tree canopy cover on public land through tree planting and eco-zoning. We also developed a new Waste Strategy that sets a target of zero waste to landfill by 2028,” said Mayor Cole.

The strategy builds on a number of projects and initiatives the City is undertaking including the Waste Strategy, the Greening Plan and the Integrated Transport Strategy.

“There is a lot of work we can do at a local level for a more sustainable community. As an organisation, we are focusing on our own operations and making improvements where we can. We can lead by example, provide advice, education and programs to support our residents in living a more sustainable life,” she said.

“We have some really impactful and positive changes for our community underway, like our plans to introduce a third bin for food and garden organic waste which should divert around 50 per cent of our waste from landfill.”

To have your say on the draft Sustainable Environment Strategy, its outcomes and strategies, visit imagine.vincent.wa.gov.au or call 9273 6000 by 5pm, 4 July.

Imagine Vincent Community Consultation Website

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