Draft Safer Vincent Plan 2019-2022

Published: Tuesday, 25 June 2019 at 8:39:20 AM

Vincent Council has endorsed a new Safer Vincent Plan 2019-2022, which is now open for community consultation. The plan builds on years of collaborative work with the community, businesses, non-government organisations and the WA Police to make Vincent a safer place to live, work, trade and visit.

The three key themes of the Safer Vincent Plan are Safer Spaces, Community Connection and Crime Prevention.

“The issue of safety goes beyond and before crime and enforcement. It touches on many of the projects and programs we deliver. This includes how we design our public spaces to be safe, how we work collaboratively with WA Police, City of Perth and community safety services, and how we help neighbours build stronger, more connected communities,” said Mayor Emma Cole.

“We know that a connected and inclusive community is a safer community. Community building can happen in many ways, through active town teams, neighbourhood groups, social networks, schools, events like neighbourhood street parties and activities like gardening on verges.”

“We are a growing inner city area, close to thriving town centres, public transport and Perth City. This brings many great benefits and a vibrant way of life, as well as some unique challenges. Fortunately, our active communities are one of our greatest strengths and this is reflected in good communication and support between neighbours.”

The draft Safer Vincent Plan has a number of initiatives to support WA Police and community safety services efforts in making our neighbourhoods feel safer:

  • Relocation of Ranger Services from the Osborne Park ‘depot’ to a centralised “Community Hub” within the heart of the City of Vincent to provide stronger ‘eyes on the street’ presence and greater access to residents and businesses
  • Joining the City Homelessness Framework Committee to support better coordination and responsiveness to homelessness through an accreditation system for delivery of emergency relief services in Vincent and Perth
  • Identify street and laneway lighting and CCTV improvements in ‘hot spot’ areas and implement changes
  • Continue to strive to remove graffiti within 48 hours of being reported
  • Love Your Laneway initiative to encourage residents to use, beautify and upgrade laneways creatively to encourage greater safety and recreation on these underused community assets.

The City of Vincent‘s first Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan was created in 2007. This latest draft plan has been developed in line with community feedback, stakeholder experiences, statistics from the WA Police Service and the City’s Safer Vincent Advisory Group and own data and records. It also closely aligns to City’s new Strategic Community Plan released in late 2018.

“The City of Vincent has a highly collaborative approach to working with all of our key partners in promoting community safety. Our staff and rangers have a strong working relationship with the WA Police and a variety of charitable and non-government organisations who deal with complex issues such as homelessness, drug and alcohol use and cultural isolation. This plan builds on this collaborative approach to achieve stronger, more lasting outcomes,” said Mayor Cole.

To view the draft plan and share your thoughts, visit Imagine Vincent by 5pm Tuesday, 16 July 2019. Alternatively, you can view the draft plan and submit your comments in person at the City's Administration Centre, or you can contact us on 9273 6000 or mail@vincent.wa.gov.au

Draft Safer Vincent Plan 2019-2022

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