Sculpture by the Freeway

Sculpture by the Freeway

Voxlab’s ‘Sculpture by The Freeway’ project:

The project is an arts infrastructure project to create and install a series of sculptural plinths or ‘poles’ on Old Aberdeen Place. The plinths are designed so that sculptures can be installed and removed easily, for temporary public exhibition. The installation of these plinths was assessed by the Arts Advisory Group as contributing toward the long-term goal of an Urban Artwalk spanning from The Pickle District into central Leederville. 


5.45pm - Welcome to Country by Vaughn McGuire

5.55pm – Choir, Walyalup Kannajil Choir



Paul Caporn                       

Brett Todmann

Lisa Pensebene               

Aaron Fry                            

Beverley Illes                    

Bella Steadman

Michael Brazel                               

Bina Butcher                    

Peter Farmer

Troy Morrison

Paul Carter

Andrew Thornton Hick

Friday, 13 November, 2020

Pickle District - 5 Old Aberdeen Pl, West Perth

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All ages

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