What are Parklets?

Parklets are small public parks set into the existing streetscape. A Parklet repurposes part of the street into a public space for people and enhances the streetscape by adding interest and amenity.

They are for anyone to use, providing a place to rest, eat or work. They provide simple amenities like shade, bike parking and seating. They help local businesses by encouraging people to linger longer, and are a point of interest in the community for residents and visitors to experience.

Parklets can add value to the surrounding area, increase commercial and residential occupancy, encourage pedestrian traffic, highlight the character of the neighbourhood and provide pleasant views and entertainment space.

Can I host a Parklet outside my business/property?

We plan to install more Parklets around Vincent and to guide this, we've create a new user-friendly Parklet Policy and an accompanying set of guidelines to encourage community groups, business owners and individuals to apply to host a Parklet in their Town Centre.

Note that there are two types of Parklets:

  1. 'Hosted Parklet' - sponsored by a business or community group (the applicant) and are funded, designed, built and maintained by the applicant.
  2. 'City Parklet' - funded, designed, built and maintained by the City.

You can read the Parklets Policy here.

Where can I get more information?

If you are interested in hosting a Parklet in the future, please read the above Parklets Policy first. There’s an application form in there which you can submit to us.

If you do have any further queries, please email our Place Managers via: