Zoning Information

The Scheme map shows the classification of land (either as a reserve or a particular zone) within the City and the scheme text prescribes the land uses which may or may not be permitted in the various zones via the Zoning Table.

For Residential zoned land, the Residential density prescribed on the Town Planning Scheme Maps and the Residential Design Codes of Western Australian (Table 1 and Table 4) determines the number of dwellings permitted for an individual site.

Check the zoning of your property by viewing the City's Intramaps system.

New Areas of the City of Vincent

In 2007, the City (then Town) of Vincent acquired additional land from the City of Perth and City of Stirling, as part of a local government boundary realignment. These areas are depicted in the map below. The City of Vincent has initiated Scheme Amendment No. 29 and No. 30 to include these areas within the City of Vincent Town Planning Scheme No.1. Until such time as the amendment is complete, the City will continue the Schemes that were active in those areas at the time of the boundary change.

Should you have any queries regarding these areas, please contact Planning Services on 9273 6000 or mail@vincent.wa.gov.au.

town map

Amendment to the Scheme Text and Maps

If an amendment is required to the Scheme Text or Maps, a Scheme Amendment must be undertaken in accordance with the Town Planning Regulations 1967. The Scheme Amendment process is to be initiated by the Council. Consultation is undertaken, particularly with the affected land owners and government agencies. Any amendments to the Scheme are to be approved by the Minister for Planning.

Requests to Change Zonings

Land owners can request a change in zoning, however this is not encouraged on an individual basis. Rezonings can be considered as part of the Town Planning Scheme Review or an individual case by case basis as required. The request will be considered and the land owner will be notified of the City's decision.

Should you wish to request a change to your zoning, you must put the request in writing to the City outlining the following:

  • Affected property address
  • Requested zoning and
  • Justification of request.

If the rezoning is supported, the land owner is to cover the costs in accordance with Regulation 25A of the Town Planning Regulations 1967.

Please note that the City of Vincent does not generally support spot rezoning (the rezoning of one lot, particularly in the middle of street block).

Further Information:

Planning Services
9273 6000 or mail@vincent.wa.gov.au