3 November 2020

Tuesday, November 3, 2020




Arts Relief Grants Presentation - Item 7.3 COVID-19 Monthly Update

With regards to Cr Gontaszewski’s question on 7.1 Tenant Application for Financial Assistance - Western Australian Swimming Association Inc,  The Executive Director Community & Business Services advised that:

For Category 1 and 2 tenants,  the City has budgeted to waive the leasing fees from July-September 2020.  The budgeted amount is $7,107.84 and this reflects the actuals. 

 Regarding Category 3 tenants the City has budgeted for a waiver from July to September 2020, an amount of $104,869.   However, the actual waivers for this period are $22,000, as most of the debtors in this category did not qualify for a waiver.  The City has maintained the conservative approach in the first quarterly budget and has not amended the waiver amount.  Most of the debtors are up to date with their debt, except for Perth Soccer Club.  In accordance with the Commercial Tenancies(COVID-19 Response)Regulation 2020 we are unable to commence debt collection on outstanding amounts until March 2021.