Graffiti Removal Service

The City operates a graffiti removal service which removes graffiti from the City's infrastructure, residential and commercial properties (where it abuts the City's infrastructure).

It is the aim of the City to reduce the incidence and visibility of graffiti within Vincent and encourage community support and participation in graffiti removal and prevention.

If you notice any graffiti in the City, you are encouraged to report the details as soon as possible to either Engineering on 9273 6000 during office hours or on 9273 6061 after hours, weekends and public holidays.  Alternatively, you can complete a report using our online Report It form.

It is the intention of the City to use anti-graffiti coating on all City-owned buildings/structures and property where practicable and we encourage private property owners to do the same.

Graffiti reported on any Government agency building or Service Authority will be forwarded to the relevant agency/authority for removal.  Should you wish to advise them directly you can contact the Goodbye Graffiti Hotline on 1800 44 22 55 or

More Information

Contact our Engineering team on 9273 6000 or