Abandoned Trolleys

Did you know that it is an offence to leave a shopping trolley in a public place outside of any shopping centre car park within Vincent?

Shopping trolleys are provided for patron use by various retail establishments. The trolleys are an investment for retailers and their customers use this convenience on a daily basis.  Unfortunately, there are some members of the community who choose to abuse this service and remove them from the immediate area of the store or shopping centre only to abandon them on the street, in reserves or other public places.

Abandoned shopping trolleys can pose a risk to both pedestrians and drivers and have a negative impact upon the visual amenity of the streetscape.

Persons found abandoning shopping trolleys in a public place will be given an Infringement Notice and are liable for a fine of $200.00.

As our Rangers police areas surrounding shopping precincts, please ensure that you return trolleys to trolley bays to avoid committing an offence and incurring a fine.

If you see an abandoned shopping trolley, try to find out who owns it (usually a supermarket) and contact them to collect it. You can also Report It to the City.

Further Information

Ranger & Community Safety Services
9273 6000 or mail@vincent.wa.gov.au