ACROD Parking

Who can use an ACROD bay?

 The ACROD Parking Program supports Western Australians with a severe walking restriction and people who are legally blind to access the community. Parking in a marked ACROD bay is only permitted where the driver or passenger is an ACROD permit holder and is displaying a current valid ACROD permit on the dashboard of the vehicle.

People utilising these bays who do not display a valid ACROD permit will be issued with an Infringement Notice with a penalty of up to $500.00.

What are the rules for ACROD permit holders in City of Vincent?

 Parking is free of charge in designated ACROD parking bays, with an ACROD permit clearly displayed. If parking in a time restricted parking bay, double the time is permitted (for example, in a 2 hour parking area, ACROD permit holders may stay for 4 hours).

When parking in a ticket parking location (in a non-ACROD bay) ACROD permit holders are required to obtain a ticket, however double the time is also permitted (provided the ACROD permit is clearly displayed at all times). This includes ‘free with ticket’ areas.

Some of our ticket machines are not fully accessible and so we recommend downloading the Easy Park app so a ticket can be obtained via mobile phone.

How do I obtain an ACROD permit?

ACROD Parking Permits are free. The cost of the permit is funded by the Government of Western Australia.

To be eligible for an ACROD Parking Permit you must meet one of the following criteria:

  • You are unable to walk and always require the use of a wheelchair; or
  • Your ability to walk is severely restricted by a permanent medical condition or disability; or
  • Your ability to walk is severely restricted by a temporary medical condition or disability (a minimum of six months); or
  • You are legally blind.

 ACROD permits can be obtained by phoning (08) 9242 5544, email or on the ACROD website

More Information

For parking information contact Ranger Services.

For information on Access and Inclusion contact the Community Development Team 9273 6000 or