Guidelines for Event and Venue Listing

Visit Perth Website

The Visit Perth website promotes the entire Inner Perth region as a destination to its visitors. The IPMC is bound by the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that was signed by the City of Perth, the City of South Perth, the City of Subiaco, the City of Vincent and the Town of Victoria Park in March 2019. 

Please take into consideration the below when you are submitting your Event or Venue application:

  • Is it a popular, new or different venue?
    • We are looking to showcase uniqueness with a draw card which will bring people into our areas.
  • Are your digital channels up to date and regularly updated?
  • Will your event have a mass community appeal?
    • will it attract people outside of your community? These are the type of events we would like to promote.
  • What is the capacity for the event?
    • if it is likely to book out quickly we would not suggest featuring it on Visit Perth as it could cause users to be disappointed.

Each venue upload must have:

  • Venue title
  • A high-resolution hero image – 1600 x 600 (keep the main image centred as 14% of the perimeter will be cut off)
  • extra images can be added into a gallery which appears at the bottom of the venue
  • Between one and three paragraphs of content text
  • Contact details
  • When selecting a ‘see more’ page make sure to select the digital channel with the most up to date content (e.g. Facebook vs website)
  • Meta description
  • Keywords
  • Accessibility options (e.g. wheelchair accessible)

All applications for business or event listings will be vetted and approved prior to uploading. The City of Perth reserves the right to decline listings if they do not meet the above criteria.