We are trialling a NEW Verge System in 2022!

Verge Valet Vincent 

The City’s Waste Strategy 2018 – 2023 has a Vision of 'Zero waste to landfill by 2028'. It recognises the current bulk waste collection system is outdated and doesn’t encourage the diversion of waste from landfill.

At the 23 March 2021 Council Meeting, Council approved an 18 months service trial of Western Metropolitan Regional Council’s pre-booked service 'Verge Valet Vincent', beginning January 2022 in place of the traditional scheduled bulk waste service.

This will reduce the waste collected, increase recycling, allow residents to choose their own pick-up time and limit the timeframe for piling junk onto the verge.

Verge Valet™ is a pre-booked, flexible collection service for residential bulk waste. Verge Valet replaces the traditional set-date bulk waste collections previously offered by the City.

Bookings can be made online now!

Before you book:

  • Can you gift, donate, swap, sell or fix your usable items?
  • Ensure your items are eligible for pick up

How to book Verge Valet in 3 easy steps:

  1. Book your collection online at
  2. Wait for an email and/or text message from the Verge Valet team confirming the date your items will be collected.
  3. Only place items on the verge 1-3 days before your scheduled collection date.

Residents have one allocated collection per financial year. Collections happen weekly on a Thursday. Please make your booking by at least the Thursday before your preferred collection date.

Items need to be on the verge by 7am on your scheduled collection day, but no earlier than 1-3 days prior to the scheduled collection day, otherwise this is classified as illegal dumping and fines may be incurred.

Please note: Don’t place waste inside your property boundary. The Verge Valet Collection Team cannot enter private property to collect items.

If you need to change or cancel your booking, please go to the ‘Change a Booking’ tab in the menu bar. Make sure you give at least 1 business day’s notice before your collection or your allocation will be used.

Additional Verge Collections

Need an additional collection? Verge Valet Extra

If you have already used your free Verge Valet allocation for the financial year, you may choose to purchase additional collections through Verge Valet Extra. This is a pre-paid private collection service that follows the same terms, conditions and guidelines as Verge Valet™. See above for booking and set out details.

To book a Verge Valet Extra collection, follow the above steps for Verge Valet™ Vincent and then select the ‘Verge Valet Extra’ box at the end of the Booking Request Form to pay.

Book now:

Did you know?

Product Stewardship is on the rise

Many retailers offer a free take back service of your old white goods and electrical items when you purchase a replacement item from them. Check with your retailer if they offer this service and encourage them to participate in stewardship programs. Many programs exist already for items such as tyres, batteries, televisions and e-waste, chemicals, stationery, and many others are in development. Read more about product stewardship here:

Recycling Centre Balcatta drop-off

White goods can be also dropped off at the Recycling Centre Balcatta (scrap metal) for free (except fridges where fees apply). More information can be found here: Recycling Centre Balcatta

Can you fix it or give it away?

Before you book Verge Valet™, can your items be reused or fixed?

Verge Valet is for all your unusable items that have no life left in them.

Quality used items including furniture, toys, clothing, sports equipment, bric-a-brac and books can all be donated. Some charities even offer a free collection service for bulky items like furniture. You can phone ahead to the charity to check if they are interested in your item. If they are not currently in need, they will likely be able to refer you to another charity who is in need.

Gumtree and Buy Nothing groups are another great avenue for rehoming your unwanted items. There are currently 10 hyper-local Buy Nothing groups operating in the City of Vincent with over 10,000 members! Find your local group on Facebook or search your location on the Buy Nothing Western Australia map.

Can your broken items be repaired? For a second chance at life, try taking them along to Repair Café Perth or Vincent Men’s Shed.

For a comprehensive list of organisations for fixing or donating your items, visit

For more information please contact the City's Waste and Recycling Team on 9273 6000 or email