Mobile phones contain cadmium and lead which can leach harmful elements into the environment if sent directly to landfill. Valuable resources such as gold, silver and copper can be extracted and recycled, along with plastic which is turned into fence posts.

MobileMusters recent annual research into how many old mobile phones there are in Australia found that the number of unused old mobiles in Australian homes jumped from 22 million to a massive 23 million, so there are more unused old mobiles lying around in homes than ever before!

By recycling with MobileMuster over 90% of the materials inside your mobile phones will be recovered and made into new items. It also means that potentially harmful materials will not end up in our local waterways if thrown in the rubbish bin.

Please have a look around your home or office and bring in your old mobile phones and accessories (such as phone charges, phone covers, holders and so on) for recycling at either of the Citys convenient drop off locations:

  • The City of Vincent Administration and Civic Centre 244 Vincent Street (corner Loftus Street), Leederville
  • The City of Vincent Library and Local History Centre 99 Loftus Street, Leederville

MobileMuster is a not-for-profit program and recycles all mobiles in a safe, secure and ethical way.

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