'Green Lid' Mobile Garbage Bins & Collections

The City provides a weekly waste collection service to all rateable residential properties, and commercial properties upon request. Bins must be placed on the verge by 6.00am on collection day with handles and wheels facing away from the road, and then stored/put away within twenty-four (24) hours after collection is complete.


Each rateable residential household is entitled to 1 x 240 litre Mobile Garbage Bin (MGB) collected weekly. Alternative 140 litre MGBs are available upon request. Your 240 litre MGB will then be replaced with a 140 litre MGB.

Multi residential dwellings and commercial units have different entitlements. Please contact the City's Waste Management department for further information.

If additional bins or collections, over and above the City's allocations, are required, an additional fee is applicable (as per current fees and charges). Careful consideration must be given for bin storage and verge space before ordering additional bins. Please ask the property owner or strata manager to contact the City on 9273 6000 or mail@vincent.wa.gov.au and arrange any additional bins or collection services.

 Please note: If you wish to reduce your waste you can choose to reduce the size of your MGB from the 240L to a 140L MGB.


To ensure your MGB is included in the weekly collection service, please ensure your MGB is;

  1. Placed on the verge adjacent to your property only by 6.00am on the day of collection
  2. Not too heavy (over 70kg)
  3. Not overfull- lid must be fully closed
  4. Does not contain:
    • Hot/burning ash
    • Oil/other flammable liquids
    • Liquids/paints/solvents
    • Bricks/concrete/building rubble/sand
    • Drugs, dressings, bandages, swabs or blood samples unless in a sealed container
    • Surgical hardware, broken glass, or any sharp objects unless in a sealed container
    • Syringes and needles unless in a sealed plastic bottle or similar container
    • Cytotoxics, radioactive substances and dangerous substances
    • Commercial swill, sewerage, manure, nightsoil, faeces or urine

Please note:

  • If your bins are too heavy, the weight of the bin must be reduced to less than 70kg before the truck will return. A fee will apply if you want your waste or recycling emptied prior to the next scheduled collection day.
  • If your bin is not presented by 6.00am and by result is not emptied, a fee will apply if you would like your rubbish or recycling bin emptied prior to the next scheduled collection day. All bins must be presented by this time as the order of the rounds may vary.

Damaged bin?

If your bin is damaged (cracked, lid or wheels are missing), please contact Waste Management Services on 9273 6000 or mail@vincent.wa.gov.au.

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Waste Management Services
9273 6000 or mail@vincent.wa.gov.au