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Common parking appeals where infringements will not be withdrawn

Requirement to purchase parking in paid parking area amidst COVID-19
Whilst the City acknowledges the dangers surrounding the current COVID-19 pandemic, it still does not negate the need for adherence with the relevant Local Laws including Parking. The City's parking areas where fees are applicable are not restricted to only credit card or coin transactions, where physical contact with the machine is required. The City does have EasyPark in service, where the user can carry out a parking transaction from any mobile device. This will eliminate the need to come in contact with the machine at all, allowing the user to take advantage of a fully mobile parking experience. The current situation does not allow for customers to expect that purchasing parking is no longer required, as the option of EasyPark is always available.
Late back to Vehicle
If you are late back to your vehicle due to an appointment going over time, work or any other commitment, this is not a reason the infringement will be withdrawn. Delays such as this are common, and you must account for this when purchasing your parking time. Alternatively you can download the EasyPark app where you can adjust the time of your parking, without the need of having to return to your vehicle.
Parking ticket blew off or fell from dashboard 
Purchasing a ticket is only part of the requirement of a ticket parking area. You must ensure that the ticket is correctly and securely displayed on the dashboard prior to leaving the vicinity of your vehicle. By supplying a copy of your purchased ticket, it will not result in the infringement being withdrawn if it wasn't displayed correctly.
Medical Emergency
In the case of an medical emergency, you will need to supply an official letter from the hospital or treating medical practitioner confirming that you were involved in a medical emergency at the time the infringement was issued. A severe injury or illness is considered to be a medical emergency. Having to visit the toilet, is not considered a medical emergency.
Vehicle Breakdown
If your vehicle had broken down at the time of the infringement, you will need to supply the following information:
  • A letter from the roadside assistance provider, which includes the vehicle registration, date, time and location of where it was repaired.
  • An auto repairer's invoice, which includes the details of the required repairs as well as the date and time
  • A receipt/invoice for parts that were purchased on the day, if you carried out the repairs yourself.
  • A towing invoice if the vehicle was towed, which includes the car registration, date, time and location it was from towed from.

Any documentation provided must be on an official letterhead paper and include the company's ABN and contact information, so we can contact the provider and verify the details

Misread the Sign or unfamiliar with the area

One of the conditions of having a drivers licence is that you are expected to understand and comply with the road rules. The driver of the vehicle is responsible for locating and complying with the signage and information displayed. The configuration of the sign is such that when read top to bottom, the most important sign will be read first. Infringements will not be withdrawn if you could not understand the sign or were unfamiliar with the road markings.

First Offence or Request for Caution only

Unfortunately, regardless of whether you have a good drivers' record, or are of a good character or nature, or made an honest mistake, these are not grounds for which an infringement can be withdrawn. Once the Ranger has issued the infringement, they are unable to cancel or reverse it, or change it to a caution. For residents who are entitled to be issued with a parking permit, consideration may be given to withdraw an infringement if it is a 'first offence only'. However, this will only be considered as an acceptable excuse on a single occasion. Proof of residency must be provided with your appeal. 

Faulty City of Vincent Equipment

In the event that a ticket could not be purchased from a ticket issuing machine, the fault must be substantiated by an authorised person or the City's contracted equipment maintenance technician. If one ticket issuing machine in a parking area is not accepting coins or credit cards, it is expected that the driver, where possible, will make use of another machine. If the fault is with the EasyPark app, then they need to be contacted directly.

I have read and understand the common parking appeals where infringements will not be withdrawn *

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