Vincent Data Dot Property and Valuables Marking Kits

For Victims of Crime (or those who may be susceptible to crime)

The Vincent Home and Business Data Dot Property and Valuables Marking Kit is an initiative of the Safer Vincent Crime Prevention Partnership and WA Police to assist residents to protect their valuables by applying a marking spray. The ‘single-use’ kit is like an advanced way of engraving your assets. Marking of your valuables may be an effective deterrent to property theft by would-be criminals.

You can register your Kit using the individualised identification number issued with your kit. This identification number is held on a secure and confidential database by Data Dot and can be utilised by WA Police to identify your valuables should your valuables be stolen or lost.

The Kit is being offered as an additional strategy to the City’s comprehensive safety and crime prevention initiatives as outlined in the Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan 2015-2018

Guidelines and an Application Form are available below. Please read the Guidelines prior to submitting an application.

This offer is available until stocks run out. Distribution is on a 'first come, first served' basis.

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