Vincent Accord - Party Bus Registration to operate within the City of Vincent

‘Vincent Accord- Party Bus Registration to operate within the City of Vincent’ Trial

The City of Vincent accepts no liability for any direct or indirect damage or loss resulting from the use of any incorrect or false information supplied on this form.

Please Note: you will be required to download and complete the Party Bus Registration of Buses spreadsheet, you can then include with submission of this form.

Please read the Party Bus Code of Conduct prior to completing this form.

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This is a co-operative agreement for Party Bus Operators to operate in their best endeavours as best practice
  1. No alcohol to be opened/consumed aboard buses.
  2. Bus drivers to carry out periodical inspection of bus to ensure no alcohol is being consumed by patrons.
  3. Buses not accepted in the City of Vincent unless booked with a Vincent Accord venue.
  4. Wherever possible party buses are to be met by security/crowd control staff from the venue, who will assess for acceptable behaviour, dress standards and intoxication, prior to admission.
  5. Bus operators are to be registered with the Vincent Accord and sign off on the Code of Conduct. Those operators that are signatories are to be provided with ID stickers to aid Police and the City of Vincent to control/regulate unregistered operators/those not abiding by the Code of Conduct.
  6. Party bus operators are to avoid residential streets and areas when moving through the City, utilising main roads.
  7. Party bus companies are to maintain buses in a roadworthy condition.
  8. Party buses shall park legally at set-down points, drop off patrons and park buses in designated areas only.
  9. Complaints regarding party buses to be entered into the Licensed Premises complaint register and forwarded to WA Police and party bus operator for timely comment/ resolution.
  10. Vincent Accord members to support signatories of Party Bus Code of Conduct, and uphold bookings wherever possible.
I have read and understood the Party Bus Code of Conduct and have registered of my own free will and I agree to FULLY INDEMNIFY and HOLD HARMLESS the City of Vincent, its servants and agents from all claims, demands, actions and suits for any personal injury, death or property damage resulting from ‘Vincent Accord Party Bus Registration’

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