Application for Vincent Graffiti Safewipe Citizen’s Packs

To be eligible, you must be a resident or business owner within the City of Vincent.


‘Vincent Graffiti Safewipe Citizen’s Packs’ are a community initiative of the City of Vincent Safer Vincent Crime Prevention Partnership and WA Police Service to assist residents and businesses with the removal of graffiti outside their homes and businesses. 

The objective of the Free Graffiti Removal Kits is to keep the City of Vincent graffiti free in residential and business areas.

Fast removal of graffiti is shown to be a deterrent for this form of anti-social behaviour. By keeping all areas within the City of Vincent free from graffiti with proactive removal it is anticipated that the incidence of graffiti will decrease.

Report Graffiti: City of Vincent 9273 6541 or Report Graffiti 1800 44 22 55,
Please contact the City on 9273 6000 or via for further information.

Please note that there is no guarantee a free Graffiti Removal Kit can be provided to all applicants. The City of Vincent accepts no liability for any direct or indirect damage or loss resulting from the use of this product.

Are you a resident of the City of Vincent? *
Have you been a previous recipient of a free Graffiti Removal Kit? *
Has your property been defaced by graffiti? *

I have undertaken to use this Safer Vincent Resource of my own free will and I agree to FULLY INDEMNIFY & HOLD HARMLESS the City of Vincent, its servants and agents from all claims, demands, actions and suits for any personal injury, death or property damage resulting from use of this product

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Who is Eligible for a Free Graffiti Removal Kit?

All applicants must be a resident or business within the City of Vincent.

People who do not reside/own a business in the City of Vincent will not be eligible.

Proof of occupancy/residence may be requested (i.e. rates notice, power bill along with licence/photo ID).

What Level of Assistance is Available?

One free Graffiti Removal Kit per eligible resident (or one per eligible household) or business is available.

Situations Whereby the Free Graffiti Removal Kits Cannot be Offered

The City of Vincent reserves the right to refuse or withdraw the offer to provide a free Graffiti Removal Kit at any stage. Listed below are scenarios in which a free Graffiti Removal Kit cannot be provided:

  • If applicant is not a resident of the City of Vincent. 
  • If the maximum number of free Graffiti Removal Kits provided for residents and businesses has been reached. 
  • If approval for free Graffiti Removal Kit is not received.

On these occasions the individuals will be offered alternative information regarding graffiti removal.

Receiving your Graffiti Removal Kit

Please complete and submit your application.

If you are successful in obtaining a kit, you will be asked to collect the kit from the Administration & Civic Centre, 244 Vincent Street, Leederville.

If you are notified that your application has not been successful, the City can offer suggestions on who to contact for removal of graffiti at your property or information on where to purchase graffiti removal products.