Collaborative Grants

The City of Vincent recognises that community funding provides a significant opportunity to work collaboratively with the local groups, organisations and individuals to deliver activities which increase social participation, promote social inclusion and strengthen connections within our community.  A variety of funding initiatives are offered each year to meet the diverse range of interests, demands and priorities throughout the Vincent community.

Collaborative Grants aim to establish partnerships between the City of Vincent and service delivery agencies that reside and/or operate within our local community in order to effectively respond to a recognised community focus area as determined by Council.  This focus area will be reviewed on an annual basis to ensure alignment with Council priorities and community demands.  

The City of Vincent has allocated the 2017/18 Collaborative Grant funding towards Homelessness Service Provision, as a key priority area within our community.

Funding applications are considered and approved by an Assessment Panel comprising Council representatives.  An amount up to $85,000 may be available for each individual project, program or service through this funding category.

Grant funding is currently closed.

Interested in applying? Have a read of the Guidelines & Criteria attached to the application form along with the Assessment Matrix.

More Information

For any questions or queries, give the Community Partnerships Team a call on 9273 6000 or email