Weed Control in the City of Vincent

The City is responsible for maintaining public open space (POS) including parks, gardens and road reserves. The majority of POS requires weed management in order to:

  • Maintain the function and amenity of POS
  • Ensure the survival of native plantings to maintain and enhance biodiversity
  • Maintain the aesthetics of POS to the standard the community expects
  • Manage fire fuel loads

When carrying out weed control, the City’s Parks Team uses an integrated approach to management. The selection of weed control is based on the target species, desired outcome and site location. This means a number of techniques are used including:

  • Weed suppression by mulching and planting of dense groundcover plants
  • Manual control by hand weeding
  • Mechanical control (i.e. mowing or slashing)
  • Chemical control
    • Organic herbicides (pelargonic acid and vinegar based products)
    • Non-selective or broad spectrum herbicides
    • Selective herbicides 

Alternative weed control treatments and methods are trialled as they become available in order to test their effectiveness and feasibility for use within the City.

Chemical Weed Control

Wherever possible, weed control is undertaken using chemical free techniques or organic herbicides. In some situations however, these techniques are either not effective or not feasible and alternative chemical weed control is required.

Alternative weed control herbicides used by the City are either non-selective or selective. Non-selective herbicides are used for the control of both broadleaf weeds and grasses, whereas selective herbicides control either broadleaf weeds or grasses exclusively.

The non-selective herbicide used for weed control is glyphosate. For more information on glyphosate, please view the Glyphosate Information page. Instances where glyphosate is used include:

  • Control of perennial running grasses and woody perennial weeds in parks, reserves and streetscapes (predominantly in garden areas and for the City’s Eco-zoning program)
  • Footpath and kerbline weed spraying program

There are a variety of different selective herbicides which are predominantly used to control broad leaved weeds in turfed areas (e.g. for the control of bindi or prickle weed in turf). The specific herbicide used is determined by what weed is being targeted.

Selective herbicides that target grasses are also occasionally used in densely planted garden areas where there is an infestation or running grasses such as couch or kikuyu.

All Parks Staff applying chemicals are trained in the safe application and storage of herbicides used for our practices. Herbicides are applied in accordance with the label directions and signage is displayed as per the Heath (Pesticides) Amendment Regulation 2016.

Contractors engaged by the City who apply herbicides are closely supervised by City officers to ensure they comply with the relevant regulations and legislation.

Glyphosate Information