What is the verge?

The verge is the area between the road, your property and the property next door. Please note that the verge is ‘Crown Land’ under the care, control and management of the Council.
Who maintains the verge?

As with most councils, maintenance of the verge is the responsibility of the adjacent land owner or occupier. The City encourages residents to maintain the verge and will assist in verge maintenance in the following instances:

  • Where the verge is on a main road, periodical mowing will be undertaken by the City to ensure no visibility issues are present
  • Where the owner/occupier is a pension card holder (age or disability) the City will undertake mowing of the verge a maximum of three times per year
  • Where the owner/occupier applies for the Adopt a Verge Program, the City will assist in converting turfed/weedy verges into Waterwise native gardens

What can be included in verge landscaping?

Residents are permitted to landscape their verge and this may include treatments such as turf, plants and/or a portion of paving.

In particular, the City encourages residents to plant their verges with waterwise native gardens. This not only saves water and improves the aesthetics of the streetscapes but also provide food and habitat for wildlife.

For more information

For more advice on creating a Waterwise verge garden, please view the City’s Waterwise Verge Guide.

For full details on what is and isn’t permitted on the verge, please view the City’s Verge Treatments, Planting and Beautification Policy.

For further enquiries, please contact the City’s Project Officer – Parks & Environment on 9273 600 or