Britannia Road Reserve Masterplan

Britannia Reserve, is zoned for recreational use and is bounded by Britannia Road, Bourke Street, the Mitchell Freeway and the rear of residences on Brentham Street, Leederville.

The reserve is predominantly an expanse of public open space currently used for structured and unstructured sporting activities and general community use. It currently hosts a range of facilities including a clubroom building and associated car park capable of holding around 360 cars, two (2) sets of cricket practice nets, four (4) cricket pitches as well as two (2) basketball 1/2 courts, two (2) children’s playgrounds and a dog exercise area. A Principle Shared Path runs along the western boundary of the Reserve (within the Mitchell Freeway Road Reserve), and is the main cycle path connecting the City of Perth with the northern suburbs.

2018/19 Revised Britannia Reserve Master Plan

The City of Vincent will be preparing a revised Britannia Reserve Master Plan in 2018/2019 to guide future usage and related infrastructure provision at Britannia Reserve. 

A Master Plan provides the long-term vision for the development of a particular site based upon analysis of numerous factors including (but not limited to) existing infrastructure, specific user group needs, usage and accessibility, population growth and demographics, and surrounding land uses.

Importantly, a Master Plan is a relatively high level plan that requires additional work prior to any specific development or management outcomes being progressed.  Council has committed to reviewing this Master Plan and preparing a new plan that better considers future community demands and uses.

Community engagement is essential when preparing a Mater Plan to ensure that it accurately reflects the views and aspirations of the local area. 

2013 Britannia Reserve Master Plan

The City’s Master Plan for Britannia Reserve was prepared in 2013 and primarily addresses existing reserve usage and associated infrastructure requirements.

Consultants were contracted to develop the 2013 Britannia Reserve Master Plan. Consultation led to the development of a Master Plan, which Council approved at the Ordinary Meeting held on 13 December 2013.

The 2013 Britannia Reserve Master Plan, which can be found here, details the plans for the Reserve including; reconfigured carpark to include a bus drop off zone, fenced nature play areas, recreation nodes of varying nature, a path around the Reserve, an active area and improved and enlarged play space area.

The Plans can also be viewed at the City's Administration and Civic Centre.

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