Water Quality & Consumption

The City and its community take pride in the provision, maintenance and enjoyment of our public parks and recreational areas To ensure that these resources will be available for years to come, the City is taking steps to reduce water use, to reuse stormwater and use natural systems to improve water quality.

In City-owned buildings and parks, 'water wise' technologies are implemented to reduce total usage. Water Wise gardens are also encouraged and celebrated in the City's Annual Garden Competition

Beatty Park Leisure Centre has also adopted water wise practices in its operations, and significant water savings have been made over the years and with a number of programs and initiatives in place these successes are set to continue into the future.

ICLEI Oceania - International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives

The City is a participant in the ICLEI Water Campaign, an international freshwater program which aims to build the capacity of local government to reduce water consumption and improve water quality.  The City has completed the first three of the five programme milestones.

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