Reduce, Re-use, Recycle

The City endeavours to make the residential community and business owners aware of the opportunities that exist to reduce, reuse and recycle solid waste and, in its own operations, to achieve best practice in solid waste management.


By actively encouraging the community to re-use and recycle, we hope to reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill. The City is a member of the Mindarie Regional Council and together we are working towards the goal of Zero Waste.

A new Waste Management Strategy is being developed, with the main objective of introducing an improved kerbside recycling service which will allow for greater quantities of recycling to be collected and diverted from landfill.

Bulk Waste Collection

Materials collected during the twice yearly green waste and annual general junk collections for residential properties are recycled.

Worm Farms

The City runs worm farm and compost workshops where residents are shown how to deal with their organics once they have separated it so it does not enter the waste stream. The City provides heavily discounted worm farms and compost bins for residents.

More Information

More information on recycling, verge collections, composting and worm farming can be found on our waste & recycling homepage below.

Waste & Recycling