Bike Identification Cards

Bike Identification Card

This is a combined Safer Vincent and TravelSmart initiative and we're the only Council in WA to be working with the WA Police on this.

Your bicycle is a valuable item and it can be an easy target for thieves. Thousands of bikes are stolen each year, many of which are recovered by the police. However, most cannot be identified and returned to their rightful owners because the serial number and other identifying features are not recorded.

Help bring your bike home! Record your bike's details using the form (see further below) and file it away. If your bike is stolen, simply give the details to the police - they'll have a much better chance of finding your bike.

Where can I get one?

You can pick up a copy of the Bike ID card from the Vincent Administration Building, or you can download a copy here.

Important bike security tips:

  • Always lock your bike using a high quality D-Lock, securing the back wheel and also the frame to a fixed object). For maximum security, it's even better to use a combination of locks - consider also using a chain lock to securing the front wheel and frame to the fixed object. Many thieves carry bolt cutters that will easily cut through standard cable or chain locks so they are of little value when used alone. The City has caught many thieves on camera doing this in very public places - a combination of locks is always best.
  • When using a D-lock, position your bike frame and wheels so that you fill as much of the space within the lock as possible. This makes it harder for thieves to use tools to break your lock - don't make it easy for them!. Position the D-lock so the keyhole is facing downwards but the lock is still elevated from the ground.
  • Add an extra lock such as a chain or cable around your front wheel and frame
  • Lock your bike to a fixed object like a bike rack, that cannot easily be broken, cut or removed.
  • Try not to lock your bike in the same place all the time—thieves may notice the pattern
  • Take your helmet and any easily removed accessories (such as lights) with you

Remember—thieves are opportunistic—do not leave your bike unsecured, even for only a minute, it only takes a few seconds to steal!

Report bicycle theft to police on 131 444.

For more information

Please contact our TravelSmart Officer on 9273 6000 or email:

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