Air & Emissions

The City aims to reduce its use of non-renewable energy sources and to promote renewable energy alternatives and efficiency in the community.

Sustainable Energy or Green (Natural) Power

The City has reduced the use of non-renewable energy resources in its operations by choosing to use Green Power to supply 25% of its energy. The City will also be examining ways to assist residents and local businesses to reduce their power consumption.


The City's Sustainable Design Policy reflects our commitment to promoting sustainable environmental objectives by encouraging building design that incorporates sustainable and energy efficient design that provides comfortable living conditions and is suited to the local climate.

The City supports the use of renewable and safe energy generation, and the City is a nuclear free zone.

Cleaner Air - Reducing Green House Gases

Being located close to the CBD and as a busy and vibrant area, the City recognises the need for air quality to be enhanced.

Travel Smart and TOD

Actively promoting Travelsmart and encouraging Transit Oriented Development is helping to reduce the number of cars on the roads by making walking, cycling and taking public transport more attractive.

Carbon Neutral

To offset the greenhouse gas emissions of the City's fleet, we have implemented a Carbon Neutral Programme with the Men of the Trees and we take part in the planting of the trees.

Healthy Homes

Working towards cleaner air within Vincent our Environmental Health section run seminars and workshops for the community on indoor air quality, including tips on reducing the impact of heating homes (Pollution Control, Pest Control, Asbestos Removal and Greywater Reuse are also addressed by the Environmental Health section).