Project Completed

The Restoration of Walter's Brook was identified as a priority project many years ago and the City finally commenced the project in December 2012.

A Section 18 approval (permission to use the land) was required through the Department Aboriginal Affairs (DAA) and many other statutory approvals required prior to works commencing and staff have been working through these over the past years. A public tender was advertised in November 2012 and Natural Area Management were engaged to undertake the restoration works in December 2012.

In May 2014 the project was finally completed, with The City holding a Community Planting Day where over 800 native plants were planted.

Where is Walter's Brook?

Walter's Brook is located within Banks Reserve, off Joel Terrace, on the river foreshore. The brook is approximately 150 meters long.

Some objectives of the project:

  • increase the safety of the brook by stabilising the banks
  • decrease further erosion and environmental disturbances
  • reduce the turfed area at the brook edge
  • increase native vegetation around the brook
  • increase habitat around the brook
  • support local biodiversity
  • improve the quality of water entering the river; and
  • increase the interactivity between patrons and the brook.

Rough project timeline:

December 2012 Council approved the Tender
May 2013 Section 18 was approved
December 2013 Approval received from the Swan River Trust and Department of Environment and Regulation
January 2014 Project commenced
February 2014 Earthworks and grading completed
March 2014 Gabion mattresses and walls completed
April 2014 Installation of fencing and limestone spillway completed
May 2014 Revegetation
31st May 2014 Community Planting Day - project complete

If you would like any further information about the project please contact Sarah Hill via email at or by phone on 9273 6000.