Verges, Trees & Streetscapes

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What is a Street Verge?

The verge is the area between the road, your property and the property next door. Please note that the verge is ‘Crown Land’ under the care, control and management of the Council.

Who Maintains the Street Verge?

As with most councils, verges are the responsibility of the land owner or occupier and we strongly encourages residents and tenants to care for their verge in order to increase the aesthetics of their property and the street. However, the City does maintain all street verge trees and verges that form part of a ‘streetscape’ or ‘greening’ plan.

What Can be Planted on the Street Verge?

Vegetation (excluding a Street Tree) may be planted on verges, such as groundcovers and small shrubs. However they must meet the criteria set by the City in the Verge Policy and be approved by the City’s officers prior to planting/installation. The Verge Policy includes restrictions on height, plant species, reticulation and other factors


Vincent has a large number of street and verge trees under our careful care, control and management. Parks Services is responsible for the planting, pruning and removal of all street trees and verge trees.

All street trees or verge trees that are located under powerlines are pruned in accordance with Western Power's clearance profiles annually. Street trees that are not located under powerlines are under pruned as required and, if requested, will be thinned out and cut back off property boundaries; however we generally do not reduce these trees in height in order to maintain a larger canopy cover.


When it comes to streetscapes, the City carefully investigates the most suitable plants for a particular area. We take into account the aesthetics, maintenance requirements, community preferences, safety, comfort for pedestrians, traffic needs, site limitations (including verge width, building setbacks, overhead power lines, the need to allow for pedestrian or vehicular movement, underground services and public safety), climate factors, environmental impact and physical characteristics of various species, both native and exotic (including form, height, spread of canopy, rate of growth, life span, adaptability to canopy pruning and the potential adverse effects of flowers and fruits). After considering the above factors a decision will then be made as per the species selection.

For further information our Parks Policies can be found in the Policy Manual.


Street tree pruning is sometimes necessary to maintain and improve the condition and lifespan of the trees.  Pruning is also necessary when power lines are adjacent to trees and for pedestrian and traffic safety.
Personnel who are trained in aboricultural pruning techniques undertake all of the City’s street tree pruning and these techniques help to maintain the health of the tree and/or to remove hazards whilst taking into consideration the natural growth and formation of trees. 

The general pruning of street trees and verge trees are completed on a systematic basis. Street tree power line pruning is undertaken annually to meet statutory requirements for power line clearances.

The City does not allow residents to prune, remove or replace the street tree of verge tree, on or adjacent to their property. If any works are required on your street tree or verge tree, please phone Parks Services for further information.


The preservation of existing trees is very important to the City and practical techniques are used to maintain the health of the trees. The City understands that trees have a natural life span and plan for their eventual removal and replacement. 

The City is also working towards a register of significant trees within the Vincent area. The Trees of Significance Inventory will be accompanied by new policies and further information on this project will be available shortly.

Assistance for Residents

Our Parks staff are always happy to chat with residents and visitors about our parks and horticultural matters. 

Each year the City holds two Local Plant Sales in conjunction with the Claise Brook Catchment Group. Details on up-coming sales can be found on the What's On page.

Each year the Parks Services team also holds the very popular Garden Competition to acknowledge and reward those residents that help to maintain and enhance the aesthetic appeal and sense of community that Vincent prides itself on.


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