Relationship Declaration Register

Vincent’s stand for marriage equality: WA’s first Relationship Register approved

City of Vincent Council has established WA’s first Relationship Declaration Register enabling gay and straight couples a formal recognition of their relationship.   

“Our Council has made this move in support of marriage equality,” said Vincent Mayor Alannah MacTiernan. 

The Relationship Declaration Register is the first of its kind for Western Australia. It is based on existing eastern states models, such as that used by the City of Melbourne which has registered around 200 declarations in the five years that the Policy has been in place. 

Following a motion by Councillor John Carey proposing the Register, the City carried out public consultation. During this period, the Council received twenty five (25) submissions in strong support of the Register.

The submissions urge the City to “work to be inclusive of all people in the community, including same sex couples.” It also states that there “has been a clear failure in leadership by State or Commonwealth Governments’ to provide same sex couples an opportunity for formal and public recognition of their relationship” and that the “establishment of a City of Vincent Relationship Declaration Register is an important, symbolic statement to the wider Western Australian community.”

No submissions were made in opposition. 

Registrants will be able to attend a brief ceremony to receive the certificates of their registration. It’s available to all adult residents within the state of Western Australia. 

Applications costs are as follows: 

Application to make a relationship declaration - $120
Replacement of a declaration certificate - $25
Certified copy of entry - Relationship Register Certificate - $25

For more information

Please click here to register your relationship with the City of Vincent.