Vision, Purpose & Guiding Values

Our Vision

The vision statement is what we are striving to become, what we will look like in the future. Based on accomplishing key strategic challenges and the outcomes of Vincent Vision 2024, the City's vision is:

In 2028, the City of Vincent is a leafy and vibrant 24 hour city, which is synonymous with quality design and sustainability. Its diverse population is supported in their innovative endeavours by a council that says YES!

Our Purpose

The purpose defines the business we are in. It describes our reason for being, and the services and products we provide. Our purpose is:

To provide and facilitate services for a safe, healthy and sustainable community.

Our Guiding Values

The guiding values of the City of Vincent are those that describe how we want to operate, and all employees are strongly encouraged to align and work to these values.

Excellence & Service

We aim to pursue and deliver the highest possible standard of service and professionalism to the Vincent community

Honesty & Integrity

We are honest, fair, consistent, accountable, open and transparent in our dealings with each other and are committed to building trust and mutual respect.

Caring & Empathy

We are committed to the well-being and needs of our employees and community and value each others' views and contributions.

Innovation & Diversity

We encourage creativity, innovation and initiative to realise the vibrancy and diversity of our vision.

Teamwork & Commitment

Effective teamwork is vital to our organisation and we encourage co-operation, teamwork and commitment within and between our employees and our business partners and community.