North Perth Common Project

The North Perth Common project was recently approved by Council at their 25 July 2017 OMC. This project includes the design and development of a new public space at the corner of Fitzgerald Street and View Street in the North Perth Town Centre as well as the preparation of a concept design for the future use of the View St Car park and adjacent road reserve.

The location and design of North Perth Common has been shaped by 133 detailed submissions from the local community. The site of the new public space is located in the heart of the North Perth Town Centre, is highly visible, will significantly improve pedestrian comfort, and will be a meeting place and the centrepiece of the North Perth Community. Two way vehicle movement on View Street to Fitzgerald Street will be retained in the overall design. 

Administration will also prepare a Concept Design for the View Street Car Park and the adjacent View Street Road Reserve. This concept will also consider the possibilities of the neighbouring Rosemount Hotel Car Park and the potential to forge a pedestrian link between View Street and Angove Street. The concept design will also consider opportunities for public open space, car parking, redevelopment and future land uses.

The North Perth Common project builds upon the ideas and conceptual work in the North Perth Master Plan which was adopted by Council in February 2013 and will be transformational for the North Perth Town Centre.

North Perth Proposed Public Space

North Perth Urban Design Concept