Question: What areas make up the City of Vincent?
Answer: The City of Vincent is comprised of North Perth, Mount Hawthorn, Leederville, Highgate, parts of East Perth, West Perth, Mount Lawley and Perth.

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Question: What are the opening hours of the City of Vincent Administration & Civic Centre?
Answer: The Administration & Civic Centre is open from 8am - 5pm, Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).

Chief Executive Officer/Council

Question: How often are Council meetings held?
Answer: Council meetings are held on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month, apart from January, October, November and December which may vary. Click here for Council meeting dates.

Question: If I wish to attend a Council meeting do I need to book.
Answer: No it is not necessary to book to attend Council meetings.

Question: Am I allowed to speak or ask questions at a Council meeting?
Answer: Attendees are permitted to speak for a maximum of 3 minutes shortly after the meeting commences. Questions may be asked during public question where questions are taken on notice.

Question: How do I contact the Mayor or the Councillors for my ward?
Answer: There is 1 Mayor and 8 Councillors (4 for the North Ward and 4 for the South Ward). Click here for contact details for the Mayor and Councillors.


Question: If I wish to apply for planning approval, what forms will I need to complete?
Answer: Please click here.

Questions: How do I determine the necessary fees for my planning application?
Answer: Please click here.

Question: If I wish to speak to a Planning Officer do I need to make an appointment?
Answer: It is recommended you make an appointment if you wish to speak to a particular officer.

Question: How I do determine if my property is heritage listed?
Answer: Click here to go to the Vincent Heritage database.

Question: How do I determine the size of my block?
Answer: Customer Service staff are able to give out approximate block sizes but for more accurate information please contact Landgate.


Question: If I wish to apply for building approval, what forms will I need to complete?
Answer: Please click here.

Question: Will I need planning approval first?
Answer: Please ask to speak to the Approvals Liaison Officer or Customer Service Officer on 9273 6000

Question: I am having a dispute with my neighbour over payment for a dividing fence. Can Council intervene on my behalf?
Answer: Disputes between neighbours about the payment of dividing fences are civil matters and Council is unable to intervene. Please contact the Department of Commerce.

Parking - General

Question: If I receive a parking infringement which I consider to be unjust, am I able to contest it?
Answer: If you have a legitimate reason (such as a breakdown or medical emergency) you may contest a parking infringement. Please click here to see what constitutes a legitimate excuse.

Parking - Residential

Question: How will I know if there are parking restrictions in my street?
Answer: Any parking restrictions will be signposted in accordance with Australian Standards.

Question: If there are parking restrictions, is it possible for me to obtain permits allowing me to park in my street?
Answer: Yes it is possible to obtain parking permits if there are restrictions on your street. Click here.

Parking - Commercial

Question: Is it possible to buy parking permits for car parks within the City?
Answer: Yes it is possible to purchase tickets for some of the car parks within the City. These permits cost $150.00 for 1 month and are available for Frame Court, Brisbane Street and Oxford Street car parks.