Glyphosate Information

The City is limited to using pesticides that have been approved for use by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) who are responsible for the regulation and control of agricultural and veterinary chemicals up to the point of retail sale.

The APVMA has made the following statement regarding the use of glyphosate in Australia:

“Glyphosate is registered for use in Australia and APVMA approved products containing glyphosate can continue to be used safely according to label directions. Australian law requires appropriate warnings on product labels, which include relevant poisons scheduling, first aid, and safety directions detailing personal protective equipment when handling and using products containing glyphosate. The APVMA reminds all users of the importance of following all label instructions.

As the national regulator for agricultural chemicals, we continue to track and consider any new scientific information associated with safety and effectiveness of glyphosate, including the information available from other regulators.”

Wherever possible, the City’s Parks Team now use organic alternatives (e.g. pelargonic acid), manual or mechanical techniques to manage weeds in our parks, reserves, streetscapes, right of ways and verges.

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